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20th Level offers services for your marketing needs.

Marketing Consulting, $97/hour*
Standard marketing services are billed at this rate, including such things as product planning, advertising copywriting, package creation, copy for web sites, consulting on trade shows, social network marketing, every aspect of marketing strategy and execution.

*Why the odd number? It made you look... and you're more likely to remember it, and remember this web site.

Marketing-on-Demand: $99 per month*
Marketing-On-Demand is a way to give you voice and email access to answers to your marketing questions within 48 hours (often much less). You get up to 4 hours of expert marketing consulting at a bargain rate. Unused time may be credited towards the next month, up to a total of 8 hours. Got a product launch coming up and need some ideas? Want some suggestions as to which advertising opportunity is a good buy? Want to know where you can get good quality color fliers for not a lot of money? Do you want these kind of answers without spending thousands of dollars on a marketing firm? Marketing-On-Demand is for you. Just contact 20th Level and we'll get you started right away.