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20th Level is a marketing consulting firm offering a variety of help in marketing games, books, and other products. The marketplace for games is changing rapidly, with downloadable content for a variety of platforms allowing individuals or small teams to bring products to market without the need for a publisher. Unfortunately, the ease of bringing a product to market only makes it harder for products to find an audience. There's over 150,000 Apps in the iPhone App Store, for instance, which makes it very hard for someone to find one particular App if they don't already know it exists. The marketing problem is similar for adventure games, books, digital content for other platforms: How does your audience find you?

Marketing is the answer, but if you're a small company or an individual you don't want to hire a full-time marketing person or spend thousands of dollars on an agency without knowing that you'll make more than that amount in additional sales. You can work on marketing products yourself, but when you don't really know about marketing it's hard to know where to start. How can you get some marketing done without either spending a fortune or years in studying marketing techniques?

20th Level is the answer. We're here to provide experienced marketing advice, products, services, and resources at a reasonable price. If you want to do the marketing yourself, we'll help with suggestions and resources you can use. If you just want some advice or some questions answered, we're here for that, too. And if you want some marketing strategy created and executed efficiently, we can handle that. Take a look at what we're offering, and ask us some questions. 20th Level marketing consulting is designed by an expert game designer who's also an expert marketer. It's a winning combination you won't find anywhere else.

20th Level voice phone: 831-708-8837
Fax: 831-662-0542
email: steve@20thlevel.com